Elections Open For Governor Stirling SHS School Board


Election of parent members to the School Board

Nominations for parent members of the school board have now closed. Voting is now OPEN.

There are THREE vacancies for 2018-2019.

The nominees are (in alphabetical order):

  •  Jo Jackson King
  •  Claire McWaters-Smith
  •  Nicola Peiris
  •  Beth Simmonds

Nominee profiles:

Jo Jackson King
Contribution: A holistic health and wellbeing perspective. Assistance in formulating evidence-based policy. Strong understanding of curriculum requirements.

Skills: Very wide ranging human development knowledge, community development skills, good team skills and outstanding writing skills.

Experience: I am an Occupational Therapist and author of three books with mainstream publishers including a well-respected child development text. I have been recognized in my profession for my child development expertise and evidence-based practice in working with Aboriginal communities and families. I’m the non-Indigenous parent of our three Torres Strait Islander sons and been responsible for the majority of their schooling through distance education.


Claire McWaters-Smith
Contribution: I am a parent of a child who is in the Gifted and Talented, Engineering and Music programs. I also work full time in a not-for-profit organisation in Midland developing, implementing and evaluating services for young people.

Skills: I have strong networking links in the community and am aware of the latest research on engaging young people to build upon their strengths.

Experience: I believe my 17 years of experience in youth services and connection with community will support the school to work strongly towards achieving their vision.


Nicola Peiris
Contribution: Roadwise Advisory Working Committee at the City of Wanneroo. Recipient of the 2015 Human Spirit Award. Local area Infrastructure project – Landsdale PS and Churchlands PS. Currently working with the City of Swan, WALGA and WA State Government to upgrade the Road safety around GSSHS. My capacity on the Board will ensure my support and solidarity towards good and fair governance at GSSHS. It will create a platform to represent the school community and help address the current issues GSSHS is faced with comparing the rest of the State, Nationally and broadly internationally.

Skills: Management relating to events and coordination programs for Not-for-Profit social service organisations. Administration relevant to infrastructure projects and budget allocation/grants. Policy initiatives in Brisbane for the Gifted and Talented Children’s Association (QAGTC). Coordinator for several STEM p0rograms and projects based in both Primary and Secondary schools in Perth.

Experience: Journalist, Advertising Executive, Project Manager, Sociological Research Officer, Property Manager (Self-Managed) and currently State Coordinator for a Not-for-Profit International organisation based out of Australia and New Zealand.


Beth Simmonds
Contribution: I have two children at Governor Stirling Senior High School, so I have a vested interest in providing the best possible educational environment for our students.
Skills: I have served on the board of several school organisations and have also taught at the high school level for five years, so I see things from both the perspective of an educator and a parent
Experience: The only way to provide the best environment for our students is for parents, students, educators and community members to work together.


Voting closes on Friday 13 April 2018.


To cast your vote online, click here

Thank you for voting!

Approved Specialist Programs – APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN

Applications are now open for Approved Specialist Programs*;

  • Specialist Artsmedia
  • Specialist Engineering
  • Specialist Australian Rules Football


For more information and to apply CLICK HERE.

*Approved Specialist Programs are available to children living outside our local intake area.

P&C Meet and Greet Meeting – Monday 19 March 2018

Meet the P&C Evening in the Amphitheatre March 19th 6.30-7.30

Please come along and join us for a wine and cheese evening to be held in the Amphitheatre.

(weather permitting, otherwise we will move to an indoor venue)

Governor Stirling P&C seeks the views of parents and students of the school Café.

Your feedback is valuable and will help us understand your needs and usage of the Café. Please take a few minutes to respond to this survey


NAPLAN Online – Information For Parents

Why do students do NAPLAN tests?

The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) assesses literacy and numeracy skills that are essential for every child to progress through school and life.

Students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 participate in the annual NAPLAN tests in reading, writing conventions of language (spelling, grammar and punctuation) and numeracy.

For more information please CLICK HERE.

2017 Year 12 Performance Congratulations

2017 Year 12 Performance


Congratulations to all students who graduated from Year 12 last year. Completing Year 12 is a wonderful achievement and something of which both parent and student should be proud of. Governor Stirling Senior High School sincerely wishes all 2017 Year 12 students the very best in their future endeavors.

Congratulations to the following students for their outstanding performances in 2017 ATAR results.


Academic Achievement Award (certificate)
For achieving a  ATAR score of 90 and above.
Jakob Daniel Wyatt
Sebastian Alessandrino
Alasdair Glen Philip
Andrew Kelly
Lee Vincent Thomasson
Reece Jones
Kaiden Maitland
Ruth Brown
Recognition of ‘Excellent School Achievement Certificate of Distinction” (certificate)
For achieving 190–200 points in the last three consecutive years of senior secondary WACE enrolment.
Jakob Daniel Wyatt
Alasdair Glen Philip
Recognition of ‘Excellent School Achievement Certificate of Merit” (certificate)
For achieving 150–189 points in the last three consecutive years of senior secondary WACE enrolment.
Lee Vincent Thomasson
Jasmin Rose Faulkner
Sebastian Alessandrino
Reece Jones
Andrew Anthony Kelly
NEW – ATAR 95 CLUB (students names recognised on school display board plus given a medallion)
Jakob Daniel Wyatt
Sebastian Alessandrino
Alasdair Glen Philip
Andrew Anthony Kelly
Lee Vincent Thomasson


Congratulations also to the following students for receiving Subject Awards for their outstanding performances in 2017.

Certificates for Year 12 Students 2017


Subject Merit Award Credit award Subject Award
Mathematics Applications Jasmine Faulkner Maia Beale,

Kaiden Maitland

Alasdair Philip
Mathematics Methods Andrew Kelly Sebastian Alessandrino,

Reece Jones

Jakob Wyatt
Mathematics Specialist Sebastian Alessandrino, Jakob Wyatt
Mathematics Essentials Eric Guanzon Mason Birch Haya Zalghaneh


Taylor Stephenson Amber Imbrogio Haylee Britton
Human Biology ATAR Kaiden Maitland Andrew Kelly Lee Thomasson
Biology ATAR Jasmin Faulkner Alasdair Philip Lee Thomasson
Physics ATAR Sebastian Alessandrino Reece Jones Jakob Wyatt
Chemistry ATAR Sebastian Alessandrino Alasdair Philip

Andrew Kelly

Jakob Wyatt
Integrated Science Haylee Britton Mason Birch

Sarah Compagnoni

Elma Osmanovic
English ATAR Jakob Wyatt Alasdair Philip Ruth Brown
English General Elma Osmanovic
History ATAR
Geography ATAR
Physical Education Studies Shannon Clinch Ven Cordova Leyla Muhamerovic
Outdoor Education General Joseph Butler Chloe Sanford Anya Fey
Cert II Sport & Recreation (AFL) Maia Beale
Cert II Sport & Recreation (Netball) Anya Fey
Building and Construction General Daniel Wilton Eric Guanzon Caitlin Duncalfe
Certificate II Automotive Vocational Preparation Rhyanna Musarra Daniel Wilton Hans Benz
Creative Industries Ronan O’Neill Jordan Ferreirinha,

Schallen Jackson

Certificate II Business Kimberley Coleman Karlee Nicol
Certificate II Information Digital Media & Technology Rhakiesha Clinch Brody Walling
Certificate II Hospitality (Kitchen operations) Casey Ellis Anya Fey
Career and Enterprise General Sarah Compagnoni Chloe Sanford Elma Osmanovic,

Jasmyn Lawrence

Accounting and Finance Andrew Kelly Kaiden Maitland,

Reegan Brook

Visual Arts General Liezl Taduran Ashlen Gill
Photography General Hannah Poole Liezl Taduran
Dance ATAR Georgia Kinnane
Dance General Lucy West



Graduation = 84%

Attainment = 93%

Vet Participation = 85%

Median ATAR = 77.4

Percent of 75+ = 11.3%

Achieved literacy: 100%

Achieved numeracy: 99%


Students with more than ONE qualification:

3 qualifications or more = 1 

2 qualifications = 37

Above State Course Achievement:

Account & Finance




Close to State Achievement:

Human Biology

Mathematics Applications

Mathematics Methods


Physical Education



School Board Elections 2018

Election of parents, community members and staff to the School Board

The School Board is comprised of 11 members. Five (5) positions are for parents, 2 positions for community members, 2 are for school staff and one P&C representative. The school Principal is automatically on the Board.

Parent and staff positions are for two years, and are elected positions.  Community members are appointed by the Board.


There were THREE vacancies for this year. Nominations for vacancies on the school Board closes on Friday 16 March 2018.


The Board operates under a terms of reference provided by the education department.  This document describes the functions and operations of the board.  Click Here to download it (PDF)


The Board will appoint the community members from a list of nominees.



The board is made up of the following members:

  • Pasco Putrino (Principal)
  • Josie Daniele (Community & Acting Chair)
  • Graham Lane (Chair)
  • Graeme Dewar (Parent)
  • Stephen Matthews (Parent)
  • Mike Burbridge (Parent)
  • Nicola Peiris (Parent)
  • Soren Jensen (P&C Rep)
  • Steve Palandri (Staff)
  • Rhiannon Geddis (Staff)
2018 Key Dates

Term Dates and School holidays for 2018

Term 1 Wed 31 January – Fri 13 April Mon 29 January – Fri 13 April
Break Sat 14 April – Sun 29 April Sat 14 April – Sun 29 April
Term 2 Tues 1 May – Fri 29 June Mon 30 April – Fri 29 June
Break Sat 30 June – Sun 15 July Sat 30 June – Sun 15 July
Term 3 Tues 17 July – Fri 21 September Mon 16 July – Fri 21 September
Break Sat 22 September – Sun 7 October Sat 22 September – Sun 7 October
Term 4 Mon 8 October – Thu 13 December Mon 8 October – Fri 14 December

There are several school development days decided by the school, where students do not attend.

Students do not attend on:

Term 1                  Monday 29 January 2018

Tuesday 30 January 2018

Wednesday 11 April 2018

Term 2                  Monday 30 April 2018

Wednesdays 27 June 2018

Term 3                  Monday 16 July 2018

Term 4                  Friday 14 December 2018



Labour Day                         Monday 5 March 2018

Good Friday                       Friday 30 March 2018

Easter Monday                 Monday 2 April 2018

Easter Tuesday                 Tuesday 3 April 2018

Western Australia Day   Monday 4 June 2018

For more information


Whole School Photos

Students are reminded to always wear school uniform as per the school policy. No coloured jumpers, no leggings, no branded navy blue clothing other than the school logo.

Whole school Photos will take place on the Wednesday 14 February and Friday 16 February 2018.

School Board Dates

The school board meetings are held in the Administration Building at the school, or in the Arts Centre if there are many public attendees.  Meetings start at 4:30pm – 6.00pm

Staff, parents and students are welcome to attend every meeting.  It is appreciated if you register your intention to attend by emailing Karen.Fooks@education.wa.edu.au

Meeting dates for 2018 are:

Monday 19 February

Monday 9 April

Monday 28 May

Monday 13 August

Monday 29 October

Monday 26 November

Members of our 2018 School Board

Staff: Pasco Putrino (Principal), Stephen Palandri, Rhiannon Geddis, Karen Fooks (Minute Secretary).

Non Staff: Graham Lane (Chair), Josie Daniele (Deputy Chair), Nicola Peiris, Mike Burbridge, Soren Jensen, Cheryl Kickett-Tucker, Stephen Matthews, Graeme Dewar.

Gifted and Talented Secondary Selective Entrance Programs – Applications Now Open

Give your child the challenges they need to thrive.

Online applications are open for:

  • Students in Year 6 in 2018 can apply for Year 7 entry in 2019.
  • Students in Year 8, 9 & 10 in 2018 can apply to enter the Academic program in 2019.

Limited places are available.

All applications for the Gifted and Talented Secondary Selective Entrance Programs must be

made online at education.wa.edu.au/giftedandtalented. Parents can visit the website for more

information or contact the Gifted and Talented Selection Unit on 9264 4307 or gtsu@education.wa.edu.au.

Applications will close on Sunday 11 February 2018. Late applications are not accepted.


Update of Contact Information

It’s important for all parents/guardians to keep the school informed if circumstances/contact details for their student changes.

To make these up-dates, simply call the Administration Office or Student Services on 6274 0300 during school hours.