2018 Key Dates

Term Dates and School holidays for 2018

Term 1 Wed 31 January – Fri 13 April Mon 29 January – Fri 13 April
Break Sat 14 April – Sun 29 April Sat 14 April – Sun 29 April
Term 2 Tues 1 May – Fri 29 June Mon 30 April – Fri 29 June
Break Sat 30 June – Sun 15 July Sat 30 June – Sun 15 July
Term 3 Tues 17 July – Fri 21 September Mon 16 July – Fri 21 September
Break Sat 22 September – Sun 7 October Sat 22 September – Sun 7 October
Term 4 Mon 8 October – Thu 13 December Mon 8 October – Fri 14 December

There are several school development days decided by the school, where students do not attend.

Students do not attend on:

Term 1                  Monday 29 January 2018

Tuesday 30 January 2018

Wednesday 11 April 2018

Term 2                  Monday 30 April 2018

Wednesdays 27 June 2018

Term 3                  Monday 16 July 2018

Term 4                  Friday 14 December 2018



Labour Day                         Monday 5 March 2018

Good Friday                       Friday 30 March 2018

Easter Monday                 Monday 2 April 2018

Easter Tuesday                 Tuesday 3 April 2018

Western Australia Day   Monday 4 June 2018

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Whole School Photos

Students are reminded to always wear school uniform as per the school policy. No coloured jumpers, no leggings, no branded navy blue clothing other than the school logo.

Whole school Photos will take place on the Wednesday 14 February and Friday 16 February 2018.

School Board 2018

The school board meetings are held in the Administration Building at the school, or in the Arts Centre if there are many public attendees.  Meetings start at 4:30pm – 6.00pm

Staff, parents and students are welcome to attend every meeting.  It is appreciated if you register your intention to attend by emailing Karen.Fooks@education.wa.edu.au

Meeting dates for 2018 are:

Monday 19 February

Monday 19 March

Monday 28 May

Monday 13 August

Monday 29 October

Monday 26 November

Members of our 2018 School Board

Staff: Pasco Putrino (Principal), Stephen Palandri, Rhiannon Geddis, Karen Fooks (Minute Secretary).

Non Staff: Graham Lane (Chair), Josie Daniele (Deputy Chair), Nicola Peiris, Mike Burbridge, Soren Jensen, Cheryl Kickett-Tucker, Stephen Matthews, Graeme Dewar.

Gifted and Talented Secondary Selective Entrance Programs – Applications Now Open

Give your child the challenges they need to thrive.

Online applications are open for:

  • Students in Year 6 in 2018 can apply for Year 7 entry in 2019.
  • Students in Year 8, 9 & 10 in 2018 can apply to enter the Academic program in 2019.

Limited places are available.

All applications for the Gifted and Talented Secondary Selective Entrance Programs must be

made online at education.wa.edu.au/giftedandtalented. Parents can visit the website for more

information or contact the Gifted and Talented Selection Unit on 9264 4307 or gtsu@education.wa.edu.au.

Applications will close on Sunday 11 February 2018. Late applications are not accepted.


Update of Contact Information

It’s important for all parents/guardians to keep the school informed if circumstances/contact details for their student changes.

To make these up-dates, simply call the Administration Office or Student Services on 6274 0300 during school hours.


Connect Application – Streamlining Parent Communications


Connect is an easy, secure way to communicate electronically with teachers. Teachers at Governor Stirling Senior High School are using Connect to update parents on classroom activities including photos and learning resources as well as provide a personal view of your child/ren work, assessments, feedback and attendance.

Our school leaders and teachers are using Connect to streamline whole-school communications to parents including:

  • class calendars
  • week by week attendance information
  • assessment outlines, information drawn from reporting to parents; and
  • sending out reminders and alerts.

How to access Connect?

Parents will be given their own secure login to Connect through the school upon submission of registration. This will be a P-number as a user name and a starting password that you can change.

To register for a Connect login, you can down load a registration form: Connect-Application-Form.pdf or collect one through our front office administration. All forms must be completed and returned to the school in person or by scanned and emailing to: GovernorStirling.shs@education.wa.edu.au.

We hope that you enjoy the Connect experience and see it as an exciting new way to stay in touch with your child’s school journey at Governor Stirling Senior High School.


Host Family Enquiry

Host Family Enquiry

Hosting an international high school exchange student or an Italian University student in your home, on a voluntary basis, can be an experience for you and your family.

What makes a great host family?

  • Interested in international culture and gaining a new family member.
  • Families that value togetherness, friendship, sharing and understanding.
  • Able to assist in providing transport to and from school.

It’s easy and it’s fun!

Who you will be hosting;

Option 1: University Student (from Milano); used as a native speaker in our Italian classroom.

The University student you host will be obligated to attend the school for 20hrs a week for an 8 week program. The student will offer Italian native speaker activities to small groups of students studying Italian within our school coordinated by the Italian teacher. This program runs throughout the full year of 2017.


Option 2: Italian High School Student;

The Italian student you are hosting will be obligated to attend school as per a normal student schedule for an 8 week period. The student will become part of your family and this program runs between June and July 2017. Families who host a student will have access to the SENDING program which enables an Australian student to travel to Italy and stay with a host family for 6-8 weeks.


There are many excellent students to welcome into your life and the school would be very appreciative of your assistance. For more information about becoming a volunteer host family, please send your enquiry to Marissa.Forgione@education.wa.edu.au or call the school during school hours on 62740300.

Marissa Forgione

GSSHS Italian Teacher