2017 Year 12 Performance Congratulations

2017 Year 12 Performance


Congratulations to all students who graduated from Year 12 last year. Completing Year 12 is a wonderful achievement and something of which both parent and student should be proud of. Governor Stirling Senior High School sincerely wishes all 2017 Year 12 students the very best in their future endeavors.

Congratulations to the following students for their outstanding performances in 2017 ATAR results.


Academic Achievement Award (certificate)
For achieving a  ATAR score of 90 and above.
Jakob Daniel Wyatt
Sebastian Alessandrino
Alasdair Glen Philip
Andrew Kelly
Lee Vincent Thomasson
Reece Jones
Kaiden Maitland
Ruth Brown
Recognition of ‘Excellent School Achievement Certificate of Distinction” (certificate)
For achieving 190–200 points in the last three consecutive years of senior secondary WACE enrolment.
Jakob Daniel Wyatt
Alasdair Glen Philip
Recognition of ‘Excellent School Achievement Certificate of Merit” (certificate)
For achieving 150–189 points in the last three consecutive years of senior secondary WACE enrolment.
Lee Vincent Thomasson
Jasmin Rose Faulkner
Sebastian Alessandrino
Reece Jones
Andrew Anthony Kelly
NEW – ATAR 95 CLUB (students names recognised on school display board plus given a medallion)
Jakob Daniel Wyatt
Sebastian Alessandrino
Alasdair Glen Philip
Andrew Anthony Kelly
Lee Vincent Thomasson


Congratulations also to the following students for receiving Subject Awards for their outstanding performances in 2017.

Certificates for Year 12 Students 2017


Subject Merit Award Credit award Subject Award
Mathematics Applications Jasmine Faulkner Maia Beale,

Kaiden Maitland

Alasdair Philip
Mathematics Methods Andrew Kelly Sebastian Alessandrino,

Reece Jones

Jakob Wyatt
Mathematics Specialist Sebastian Alessandrino, Jakob Wyatt
Mathematics Essentials Eric Guanzon Mason Birch Haya Zalghaneh


Taylor Stephenson Amber Imbrogio Haylee Britton
Human Biology ATAR Kaiden Maitland Andrew Kelly Lee Thomasson
Biology ATAR Jasmin Faulkner Alasdair Philip Lee Thomasson
Physics ATAR Sebastian Alessandrino Reece Jones Jakob Wyatt
Chemistry ATAR Sebastian Alessandrino Alasdair Philip

Andrew Kelly

Jakob Wyatt
Integrated Science Haylee Britton Mason Birch

Sarah Compagnoni

Elma Osmanovic
English ATAR Jakob Wyatt Alasdair Philip Ruth Brown
English General Elma Osmanovic
History ATAR
Geography ATAR
Physical Education Studies Shannon Clinch Ven Cordova Leyla Muhamerovic
Outdoor Education General Joseph Butler Chloe Sanford Anya Fey
Cert II Sport & Recreation (AFL) Maia Beale
Cert II Sport & Recreation (Netball) Anya Fey
Building and Construction General Daniel Wilton Eric Guanzon Caitlin Duncalfe
Certificate II Automotive Vocational Preparation Rhyanna Musarra Daniel Wilton Hans Benz
Creative Industries Ronan O’Neill Jordan Ferreirinha,

Schallen Jackson

Certificate II Business Kimberley Coleman Karlee Nicol
Certificate II Information Digital Media & Technology Rhakiesha Clinch Brody Walling
Certificate II Hospitality (Kitchen operations) Casey Ellis Anya Fey
Career and Enterprise General Sarah Compagnoni Chloe Sanford Elma Osmanovic,

Jasmyn Lawrence

Accounting and Finance Andrew Kelly Kaiden Maitland,

Reegan Brook

Visual Arts General Liezl Taduran Ashlen Gill
Photography General Hannah Poole Liezl Taduran
Dance ATAR Georgia Kinnane
Dance General Lucy West



Graduation = 84%

Attainment = 93%

Vet Participation = 85%

Median ATAR = 77.4

Percent of 75+ = 11.3%

Achieved literacy: 100%

Achieved numeracy: 99%


Students with more than ONE qualification:

3 qualifications or more = 1 

2 qualifications = 37

Above State Course Achievement:

Account & Finance




Close to State Achievement:

Human Biology

Mathematics Applications

Mathematics Methods


Physical Education