Society & Environment

Society & Environment is delivered via two subjects each semester that cover history, geography, politics and economics. Students develop an understanding of the world and the people and events that have shaped us as a nation. Students are encouraged to apply their knowledge in their own lives to develop an environmental consciousness, social competence and civic responsibility.

Middle school students are assessed using a variety of texts and must demonstrate effective research skills to produce reports, oral presentations and essays.

They are given the opportunity to participate in competitions such as the Australian Geographic Competition and the Simpson Prize. Gifted and Talented students are also given the opportunity to travel to Canberra to investigate our political history.

Senior school students select from 4 subjects: History, Geography, Politics and Economics.

Each subject runs over 1 year with a particular content focus. For example, Year 11 History students may opt to focus on American History, whilst Geography students can investigate ‘mega cities’ such as New York.

To assist in their studies students view movies and documentaries and attend excursions. Information about movie content and excursions will be sent home with students at the beginning of each semester.

Senior school students can also opt to complete a Certificate 2 in Tourism and take advantage of the busy local Swan Valley tourism industry.

Society and Environment aims to ensure that your child finishes their schooling with an appreciation of the world around them, enabling them to become better citizens who participate fairly in all aspects of society.