95Dance Program

The Dance program is available only to students enrolled in the school. Students are then able to enrol in the school based Dance program as a full-time subject from Year 7 to Year 12.

The course aims to develop the individual’s ability to create, perform and appreciate dance as an educational art form. Opportunities are provided for students to display their talent within and outside school, through various performances.  Students have the opportunity to take part in workshops and view performances by professional dance companies. Students who are part of the dance program also have the opportunity to be part of the school’s cheer-leading squad.

There are many employment opportunities for students in the dance field. These include becoming a teacher, professional dancer, entertainer, television/radio presenter, choreographer & costume designer.

Dance engages students in four contact hours per week involving both practical and theory units.

Students in Years 7-10 participate in dance classes specifically designed to challenge and develop movement techniques. Students will learn techniques in jazz, ballet, contemporary, lyrical, funk, hip hop and cultural dance, and will develop choreographic skills through creative dancing.  They will also learn about the production side of dance and will have experience in critiquing dance work.  Through visiting choreographers and participating in weekly contemporary dance classes, students will learn to develop creativity, technique, movement, vocabulary, rhythm, coordination and an understanding of arts criticism.

Students in Years 11 and12 will cover three major areas of dance during the Stage 1 & 2 Course Choreography, Performance and Production. The course is aimed at giving students the opportunity to gain entrance into university and TAFE. The students will develop their contemporary and choreography skills as well as critiquing their own work and the work of others whilst developing their understanding of the arts language.  They will gain experience in dance by participating in performances and workshops within the wider community and by working with visiting choreographers.

Interested students must first apply for general admission into the school – Application for Enrolment Part A – and also submit a Dance Program Application Form. Applications close at the same time as for General Applications for Enrolment each year.

Click here for the Dance Program Application Form.

When returning your Dance program application form, please enclose:

  • a written reference from your school
  • a personal reference
  • and a copy of your most recent school report.

Contact school for more information.