Host Family Enquiry

Host Family Enquiry

Hosting an international high school exchange student or an Italian University student in your home, on a voluntary basis, can be an experience for you and your family.

What makes a great host family?

  • Interested in international culture and gaining a new family member.
  • Families that value togetherness, friendship, sharing and understanding.
  • Able to assist in providing transport to and from school.

It’s easy and it’s fun!

Who you will be hosting;

Option 1: University Student (from Milano); used as a native speaker in our Italian classroom.

The University student you host will be obligated to attend the school for 20hrs a week for an 8 week program. The student will offer Italian native speaker activities to small groups of students studying Italian within our school coordinated by the Italian teacher. This program runs throughout the full year of 2017.


Option 2: Italian High School Student;

The Italian student you are hosting will be obligated to attend school as per a normal student schedule for an 8 week period. The student will become part of your family and this program runs between June and July 2017. Families who host a student will have access to the SENDING program which enables an Australian student to travel to Italy and stay with a host family for 6-8 weeks.


There are many excellent students to welcome into your life and the school would be very appreciative of your assistance. For more information about becoming a volunteer host family, please send your enquiry to or call the school during school hours on 62740300.

Marissa Forgione

GSSHS Italian Teacher