2018 Subject Awards

Subject Awards 2018

Congratulations to all students who received Subject Awards for 2018.


Y7           Nethaka Godawitharan
Y8           Aaditya Shah
Y9           Heidi Elzer
Y10         Sean Ryan


Y7           David Slavin
Y8           Xane Evans
Y9           Sascha Taylor
Y10         Emily Camilleri


Y7           Rafael King
Y8           Savahna Millar
Y9           Emma Killeen
Y10         Asher McCarthy


Y7           Makiah Centracchio
Y8           Xane Evans
Y9           Emma Killeen
Y10         Emily Camilleri


Y7           Jerome Otanes
Y7           Ariel Sala Tenna
Y8           Anais Haslam
Y9           Jesse Shepherd


Y10         Emily Camilleri


Y7           Shania Sotto
Y8           Emily Healy
Y9           Selena Vidal
Y10         Joel Peiris


Y8           Savahna Millar
Y9           Corey Screaigh
Y10         Maya Broomhall

Specialist Artsmedia

Y7           Cosette Turner
Y8           Aaditya Shah
Y9           Jasmine Mumme
Y10         Jaime Mumme


Y7           Jaxon Dann
Y9           Rachel Pham
Y10         Nicola Kinnane


Y7           Cerise Ireland

Visual Arts

Y9           Daniesha Middleton

Specialist Engineering

Y9           Sascha Taylor

Applied Engineering

Y7           Sophie Polsen
Y8           Riley Kramer
Y9           Andy Tan
Y9           Zachary Fleming

Information &

Communications Technology

Y7           Alyssa Bourn-James
Y8           Xane Evans
Y9           Emma  Killeen

Digital Technologies

Y7           Ariel Sala Tenna


Y10         Subaru Saito Abdullah


Y7           Tahilia Lilly
Y8           Isobel Donohue
Y9           Isabella Kelly
Y10         Olivia Boyle

Food and You

Y7           Shania Sotto
Y8           Holly Walding
Y8           Angeline Guanzon

Food to Share

Y9           Heidi Elzer
Y9           Jasmin Beckwith

Let’s Cook

Y7           Marjorie Valera
Y9           Jesse Shepherd


Y10         Ysobelle Lastimado
Y10         Caitlyn McKechnie
Y10         Ashlee Polsen

Mechanical Workshop

Y10         Aiden Hendriks

Applied Engineering

Y7           Sophie Polsen
Y8           Riley Kramer
Y9           Andy Tan
Y10         Zachary Fleming
Y10         Marik Trajkovski

Specialist Engineering

Y7           Jack Benz
Y8           Xane Evans
Y10         Freja Jensen
Last day of Term 4 – 2018

The last day for students this year is Thursday 13 December 2018.

First day of Term 1 – 2019 is Monday 4 February 2019.

Please click here for 2019 term dates.

Minister’s Statement to Address Violence in Schools

We believe every child has the right to be safe at school. We provide learning environments that foster good behaviour and respect for your children and those around them.

Fortunately, most students attending public schools in Western Australia are able to learn in safe and supportive environments. At times, though, some students can be physically aggressive. This is never acceptable as it can cause psychological and physical harm to those involved, as well as disruption to teaching and learning. 

The State Government has released a Statement to address violence in schools. It sets out 10 actions to help school staff, families and communities work together on this complex issue. Programs and resources will be available for parents to support their children and where appropriate parents and staff will work closely to ensure their children maintain positive behaviour at school. A copy of the Statement is available on the Department’s website at education.wa.edu.au.

It is important to understand that these changes focus on students who have intentionally been physically aggressive towards others. Students with a disability who either cannot manage their behaviour or do not intend to harm others are not the target of this plan. 

As parents, you also play a vital role. Your children benefit from you modelling and rewarding positive behaviour. I look forward to your ongoing support to keep our school a safe place for all.

Yours sincerely

Dr Pasco Putrino


5 December 2018

Wednesday’s Early Close for 2019

From the beginning of the 2019 school year, our school bell times will change to reflect the recent decision approved by the School Board. Classes will now finish and students released at 2.30 pm every Wednesday instead of the current 3.00 pm. Each period on the Wednesday will reduce by 6 minutes to 58 minutes.

This change allows teachers a common time free from classes to hold meetings, professional learning communities and other non-teaching work as required for improving student learning. The inability for staff to meet and collaborate without interrupting classes during the normal school day has been a constraint. A common time addresses this issue.

The 30-minute reduction in overall teaching to 1570 minutes over the week is still above the minimum requirement of 1550 minutes. The outcomes from the effective use of this time will more than compensate the small reduction in teaching time.

Bus times will not change. Students travelling home by bus will be supervised from 2.30pm until the bus leaves.

Yours sincerely

Dr Pasco Putrino


5 December 2018

2020 Term Dates

Term Dates and School Holidays 2020

Semester 1                                                           Semester 2

Term 1: Mon 3 Feb – Thurs 9 April                   Term 3: Tues 21 July – Fri 25 Sept

Break: Fri 10 April – Tues 28 April                     Break: Sat 26 Sept – Sun 11 Oct

Term 2: Wed 29 April – Thurs 2 July                 Term 4: Mon 12 Oct – Thurs 17 Dec

Break: Sat 4 July – Mon 20 July                         Break: Fri 18 Dec – Sun 31 Jan (2021)


There are several school development days decided by the school, where students do not attend.


Students Don’t Attend On:

Term 1: Thurs 30 Jan and Fri 31 Jan

Term 2: Tues 28 April and Friday 3 July

Term 3: Mon 20 July

Term 4: Fri 27 Nov and Fri 18 Dec


Public Holidays 2020

New Year’s Day: Wed 1 Jan                               ANZAC Day: Sat 25 April (Mon 27 April)

Australia Day: Sun 26 Jan (Mon 27 Jan)          WA Day: Mon 1 June

Labour Day: Mon 2 March                                 Queen’s B’day: Mon 28 Sept

Good Friday: Fri 10 April                                    Christmas Day: Fri 25 Dec

Easter Sunday: Sun 12 April                              Boxing Day: Sat 26 Dec (Mon 28 Dec)

Easter Monday: Mon 13 April