Wednesday’s Early Close for 2019

From the beginning of the 2019 school year, our school bell times will change to reflect the recent decision approved by the School Board. Classes will now finish and students released at 2.30 pm every Wednesday instead of the current 3.00 pm. Each period on the Wednesday will reduce by 6 minutes to 58 minutes.

This change allows teachers a common time free from classes to hold meetings, professional learning communities and other non-teaching work as required for improving student learning. The inability for staff to meet and collaborate without interrupting classes during the normal school day has been a constraint. A common time addresses this issue.

The 30-minute reduction in overall teaching to 1570 minutes over the week is still above the minimum requirement of 1550 minutes. The outcomes from the effective use of this time will more than compensate the small reduction in teaching time.

Bus times will not change. Students travelling home by bus will be supervised from 2.30pm until the bus leaves.

Yours sincerely

Dr Pasco Putrino


5 December 2018