COVID-19 UPDATE – 1st April Update-Information for Parents

Dear Parents and Carers,


In response to COVID – 19, staff are working diligently to monitor the situation on a daily basis and are acting on advice to take any necessary precautions for our students and staff. The current focus is on minimizing and preventing transmission and making sure our school is prepared for a possible school closure.


We follow the direction of the Department of Education, that takes advice from the Chief Health Officer regarding our operations. To this date we have taken the following actions on this advice:


  • Cancelled all Assemblies
  • Cancelled all meetings and gatherings
  • Enacted the social distance rule in all classrooms
  • Encouraged improved hand washing practices
  • NAPLAN has been cancelled.
  • Interim Parent report night has been cancelled; however, we are thinking of alternatives.
  • For years 7 to 10 we are postponing/modifying assessments.
  • We have closed the Gym and Library to avoid large gatherings of students.
  • We have plenty of soap in all toilets and in some classrooms and we are seeking both hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes through a shortage.
  • We are promoting mental health and attempting where appropriate to hold classes outdoors. (Weather permitting)
  • From Monday, 30 March to Friday, 3 April all children who attend school will be taught as normal.
  • The following week (6 to 9 April) staff will prepare teaching programs for Term 2.
  • During this time (6 to 9 April), students who attend school will be supervised.


It was announced that parents could choose to keep their children at home without legal follow-up. This can occur under certain conditions and be marked as a Reasonable absence if:


  1. Students are self-isolated due to Dept. of Health advice.
  2. Families are keeping their child home due to increased risk related to family members who are in a higher risk category. (Diabetes, compromised immune system etc)
  3. Students with a reason deemed as acceptable other than an absence due to suspension, cultural absence, illness and family holiday.
  4. Families keeping their children home due to a perceived risk that they are safer at home than in a school setting due to possible transmission of the virus
  5. For students at home seeking to do some schoolwork the Department of Education’s new Learning at home website, located at learning-at-home, provides resources, activities information to help children and young people continue to learn while at home.


If the absence does not meet the above criteria it will be recorded as an unauthorized absence. Parents who choose to withdraw their children please understand that, although the school may provide some work for the students through Connect, we are unable to offer an extensive program as our priority is to students in our classrooms.


As the COVID – 19 situation evolves, we are working hard with all students to minimize and prevent transmission of the virus. We urge all parents to support the school in our efforts to make the school a safe place for everyone.


We will continue to keep you updated. Thank you for your support and understanding.


Yours sincerely


Pasco Putrino