Our School

Welcome to Governor Stirling Senior High School

At Governor Stirling Senior High School we believe in an educational experience that promotes respect, hard work and achievement where every child is encouraged to become a person of honour and integrity.

Our school aims to provide students with a well-balanced education within a supportive learning environment designed to unlock their individual potential.

Our teaching and support staff have been selected for their ability to lead, encourage and teach students to imagine the possibilities, create opportunities and achieve their dreams.

We have a proud history that includes an alumni of Olympians, football stars and State champions, entrepreneurs and authors, parliamentarians and community leaders, who have all shaped the future of this state.

In 2013 we began another exciting chapter in the life of Governor Stirling Senior High School. Having now settled into the new $63 million dollar state-of-the-art campus, we will strive to continue our proud history of producing young men and women who believe in the value of respect, hard work and achievement.

“Honour Before Honours”

Dr Pasco Putrino


Our Staff – Executive Team

Principal Stephen Palandri (Acting)

Vice Principal : Karen Clark (Acting)

Vice Principal: Leonie Squire (Acting)

Frank Cavicchio: Manager Corporate Services


Heads of Learning Areas

English: Penny Steele

Mathematics: Ellen Bandarian

Science: Shaun Barton

The Arts: Olga Konstantouras (Acting)

Physical and Health Education: Kevin Peterson

Humanities and Social Science and LOTE: Ashti Mullen

Technology and Enterprise: David Scuderi

Wellbeing Support Team

Psychologist 6274 0331

Nurse 6274 0328

Chaplain 6274 0329

Program Coordinators

Jules Zaffino Yr 7/8 : 6274 0314

Diane Thorn Yr 9/10: 6274 0333

School History

Govo 10

Guildford’s significant history as one of the founding centres in the establishment of the Swan River Colony has always included a strong educational foundation.  Guildford was established, in the rural centre as an important market town and inland port, along with Fremantle and Perth, which were designated the port and administration centres respectively.

In 1834 the Government established the first schools within the Colony (5 years after the establishment of the Swan River settlement in 1829), with three teachers appointed, one for each of the founding centres.  Since the establishment of these first colonial educational institutions, there has always been a strong sense of school tradition within the region.

Governor Stirling Senior High School was established in 1958 in its present location situated on the picturesque banks of the Swan River in Woodbridge. It was officially opened on 28 October 1959 by the then Minister for Education, Mr A.F.Watts GMG MLA, at which time the school officially changed its name from the former Midland Junction High School.

Built on the actual site of Governor James Stirling’s country retreat, a small cottage which he named ‘Woodbridge’ after his wife’s family home, (not the present Victorian-era Woodbridge House built in 1883–5 just west of the original, by Charles Harper, a successful local businessman and parliamentarian).

The school crest of Governor Stirling Senior High School recognises its heritage through the motto of the former Midland Junction High School ‘Honour Before Honours’, and the traditional State swan.

Governor Stirling Senior High School holds significant ties to Western Australia’s historical educational foundations through our long tradition of outstanding academic and sporting excellence.

Current Long Serving Staff;

Henry Lipiec January 1979 41 years
Rose Babij January 1984 (Left Semester 2 1994 – 1996) 36 years
Jennifer Lumia May 1985 35 years
Kevin Peterson January 1990 30 years
Jules Zaffino January 1990 30 years
Kevin Ireland February 1991 29 years
Frank Cavicchio February 1993 27 years
Heather Bainbridge August 1995 25 years
Ruth O’Halloran February 1994 26 years
Jennifer Laker January 1995 25 years
Joe Pelican January 1997 23 years
Brian Owen January 1998 22 years
Andrew Davini April 1997 (Prac Student), February 1998 – current. Left 2000 – 2002, returned 2003 22 years


Previous Long Serving Staff;


Bruce Arnell January 1972 – December 2011 39 years
Brian Crisp 1964 – 1999 35 years
Linda Lockyear September 1985 – July 2017 32 years
Margaret Matthews October 1987 – December 2008 32 years
Ian Bradford January 1980 – July 2011 31 years
Kevin Elphick January 1984 – January 2014 30 years
Eleanor Jones August 1978 – September 2008 30 years
Leonie Boys January 1991 – January 2018 27 years
Kay Jones January 1977 – March 2004 27 years
Garry Gardner February 1990 – December 2016 26 years
Carol Hooton March 1984 – May 2010 26 years
Alexander  Moroz January 1990 – December 2016 26 years
Constance Rapson November 1991 – December 2015 24 years
Suzanne Reynolds December 1996 – January 2018 23 years
David Shepherd January 1990 – January 2013 23 years
Dr Picasso Art November 1995 – January 2018 23 years
Erica Phillimore January 1996 – January 2018 22 years
Jennifer Lucas November 1997 – August 2019 22 years
Sue Zarrop January 1998 22 years
Miriam Fawcett January 1995 – April 2016 21 years
Rodney Kemp January 1983 – March 2004 21 years
Al Babij December 1997 – November 2017 20 years
Quita Beny January 1987 – December 2007 20 years
Glenys Hyde February 1984 – March 2004 20 years
Sarah Mirco January 1994 – December 2013 20 years
Sue Modra April 1999 – January 2019 20 years