Student Services

Students have access to a wide range of support services, tailored to meet their individual needs. The Student Services team works collaboratively and cooperatively to enhance the intellectual, emotional and social development of all students and their right to learn in a safe and healthy environment.

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Student Services can help with…

  • Counselling
  • Careers advice
  • Pastoral care
  • Learning assistance
  • Aboriginal student support

Our Wellbeing Support Team

The following Support Staff are available Mon – Friday.

Program Coordinators

Mr Zaffino Year 7/8       6274 0314

Ms Thorn Year 9/10       6274 0333

Year Group Coordinators

Year Group Coordinators from Years 7 to 12 are available for parental enquiries and concerns. They are very involved in the pastoral and social care of students.

Year 7 Mr De Silva

Year 7/8 Ms Kaur Sohan

Year 9/10 Ms De Santis

Year 11/12 Mr Davini

To contact a Year Group Coordinator call Student Services

on 6274 0331.

School Nurse

Medical assistance as well as health and well being advice is readily available from the school nurse:

Ms McGeachie

Mon, Tue, Wed

6274 0328

School Psychologist

Is available to listen to and assist students cope with any emotional, social and learning problems. Psychological assessments are also available.

Mr Moore

Mon, Wed, Fri

6274 0300

Careers Coordinator

Provides advice to course and career options available throughout the year.

Ms Bennett

Tue – Fri

6274 0349


Our school Chaplain Avram Florin Iancu is a member of the Student Services team and offers pastoral care to the wider school community, showing people that they matter.

Mr Avram

Mon, Thurs, Fri

6274 0329