School Board

School Boards play a key role in Western Australian government Independent Public Schools.  The school board supports the principal to provide the best possible educational outcomes for students.

Our School Board, established in 2015 when Governor Stirling Senior High School became an Independent Public School, is an active and highly effective advocate for the school and ensures the needs of the local community form an integral part of our strategic planning.

The Board have three main responsibilities:

  • Finance – overseeing the development of the school’s annual budget and ensuring proper records are kept of the school’s financial operation.
  • Strategic Planning – participating in the development and monitoring of the school strategic plan.
  • Policy Development and Review – developing, reviewing and updating policies that reflect the school’s values and strategic plan.

Becoming a school board member is a rewarding and challenging experience. All parents and local community members are eligible for membership on the Board.  The board is comprised of the following members:

  • The Principal
  • Two staff representatives (elected from staff)
  • Five Parent representatives (elected by parents)
  • Two community members (selected by the board from the nominations)
  • One P & C representative.

While there are no student members on the board, every meeting has a given opportunity for representatives from the Student Council to provide their feedback and concerns.

The School Board meets at least 5 times a year. Meetings are open to parents, students and community members.  Normally meetings are held in the admin block conference room, however they may be held in the theatre if more space is required.


The Board operates under a terms of reference provided by the education department.  This document describes the functions and operations of the board.  Click Here to download it (PDF)

The school maintains a strategic business plan to establish priorities and measure the results it achieves. The current plan is for the period 2018-2020, and is available here. One of the main roles of the board is to assist to develop, review and assess the school’s achievement of the strategic plan.


For 2020, the board meets at 4:30 pm in the admin conference room on the following dates:

  • Term 1 Monday 30 March Week 9 Cancelled.
  • Term 2 Monday 18 May Week 4
  • Term 2 Monday 22 June Week 9
  • Term 3 Monday 24 August Week 6
  • Term 4 Monday 26 October Week 3
  • Term 4 Monday 23 November Week 7


Current Board members are:

  • Pasco Putrino (Principal)
  • Stephen Matthews (Parent member
  • Kamah Moore (Parent member)
  • Julie Lee (Parent member)
  • Tamara Hontscharenko (Parent member)
  • Soren Jensen (Parent member)
  • Martin King (Community member)
  • Ian Johnson (Community member)
  • VACANT (P&C Representative)
  • Karen Clark (Staff)
  • Raj de Santis (Staff)