Performing & Visual Arts

Governor Stirling Senior High School

Performing & Visual Arts


Our drama program provides students with the opportunity to participate in drama workshops and actively engage in rehearsals, performances and productions.


Students will learn through playmaking, performance and critical reflection, and will regularly develop, rehearse, produce and perform drama works in our new state-of-the-art purpose built theatre.


Performance is a key component of the program and students will have the opportunity to perform in front of a variety of audiences. Drama is a course option for all students in Years 8 to 12.

Instrumental Music

Instrumental music provides students with the opportunity to develop their ability, skills and love for music through performance, composition and arranging, aural perception and analysis and investigation. Students are encouraged to learn through music creation, performance and reflection through a variety of genres such as Rock and Pop, Classical and Jazz.


Performance is an important aspect of this program and students undertake weekly lessons with teachers from Instrumental Music Services (Dept. of Education) as well as participate in one of several school music ensembles including the classical guitar ensemble, the senior and junior concert bands, the choir, and the electric guitar ensemble. Students perform at various concerts and festivals throughout the year, either as part of the ensemble or as a soloist in the senior school years. Instrumental lessons (20 minutes to half an hour) are held during the school day, and every effort is made to make sure students do not miss the same class each week.


Year seven students who were selected for instrumental lessons through the IMS program in primary school are automatically enrolled in the music program for high school. Beginners and students who have been learning an instrument privately are invited to apply to the program at year seven level. Instruments available for beginners are flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, electric guitar, bass guitar, percussion and voice. Students who have been learning privately at any other year level are also invited to apply to join the program and must contact either Ms Squire or Mrs Mousley.


The classroom component of the program consists of two classes per week for years 7 – 9, and four classes per week for year 10. Class music includes music literacy, aural perception, composition and arranging, performance (both solo and ensemble), music history and music technology.


Students will explore and experiment with ideas including painting, glass, sculpture, textiles, graphics, printmaking and jewellery. Students also have the opportunity to participate in workshops conducted by professionals including artists, designers and curators.


Exhibitions and displays of student work are an integral component of the art course. Gallery visits, sketching excursions, tutor studio classes and exposure to new mediums and technologies are all part of the curriculum designed to help students develop their creative thinking and problem solving abilities. Art is a course option for all students in Years 8 to 12.


Students develop practical skills in a range of professional analogue and digital photographic formats, darkroom and studio environments as well as the application of photographic imagery in virtual and collaborative environments.


Students are encouraged to experiment, research and develop their own conceptual and aesthetic style. They will have the opportunity to participate in exhibitions, competitions, installation, multimedia, and collaborative productions and be equipped with a strong basis for future studies.


Students will have access to state-of-the-art equipment and modern studios to enhance and extend their learning experience and develop their creativity. Photography is a course option for all students in Years 8 to 12 through a selection process.


Media is closely linked to other Performing & Visual Arts subjects, and offers a strong basis for a range of career pathways including journalism, film, TV & radio, public relations and graphic design.


Middle school units provide students with the skills to analyse different media genes and produce television and radio packages and short films. Students study documentaries, reality TV, newspapers, and TV and radio news to develop their understanding of how media is produced.


Senior school students continue to explore new and emerging multimedia technologies and have access to different versions of study to prepare them for university entry or further vocational training.


Students wishing to further develop their skills in this area may apply for entry into our newly Approved Specialist Program in Artsmedia .

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