Our Vision

Governor Stirling Senior High School

School Emblem

The school’s emblem embodies symbols connected to the school’s rich history and unique river location.

  • Swan – as the only school in Western Australia located on the banks of the Swan River, the swan symbolises the importance of the river in this region
  • Shield – linked to the school motto and represents strength and tradition
  • Dots – inspired by aboriginal symbolism and acknowledges the schools strong indigenous connections.

School Vision Statement

At Governor Stirling SHS, we work together with our community to develop in our students a life-long love of learning, and to give them the tools to thrive in their lives after school. We have high expectations of staff and students, cultivating excellence in teaching through evidence based practice, a continuous cycle of improvement, and a positive, culturally inclusive learning environment.

High Expectations

We cultivate high expectation relationships with each other, students and the wider community to drive school improvements.


Systems are in place to ensure every student is linked to at least one staff member.

Student – Centered

We identify and prioritise student needs, and respond appropriately with additional time and support.

Excellent Teaching

There is an agreed understanding of what constitutes excellent teaching supported by clear classroom observation processes, professional learning and coaching.

Quality Curriculum

We ensure that all students have access to a viable and high-quality curriculum in every classroom.

Evidence  – Based Practice

We utilise an evidence-based improvement cycle to strengthen student outcomes.

Effective Change Management

We utilise effective change management processes based on trust and mutual respect to bring about sustainable whole-school improvement.

Positive Learning Environment

We take collective responsibility in providing a safe and orderly learning environment, underpinned by the school values and code of conduct.

Vision Statement Poster



At Governor Stirling Senior High School we value:

Respect, Tolerance, Honesty, Excellence & Responsibility


School Motto

Our school motto Honour Before Honours encourages students to conduct themselves with personal integrity and honesty. Originally the motto of the former Midland Junction Primary School (1947) Honour Before Honours was adopted by Governor Stirling Senior High School at the official opening in 1959.

“Our school aims to provide students with a well-balanced education within a supportive learning environment designed to unlock their individual potential.”

– Leo SurJan, Principal

Educational Philosophy



Governor Stirling Senior High School is a specialist school of choice for secondary students. Our school provides distinctive and flexible educational programs to meet the diverse needs and interests of all our students.



To provide young men and women with a supportive educational experience that promotes respect, hard work and achievement to enable them to become people of honour and integrity.



At Governor Stirling Senior High School we value:

  • Respect
  • Tolerance
  • Honesty
  • Excellence
  • Responsibility

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