Pathways and Transitions

Governor Stirling Senior High School

Pathways and Transitions

At Governor Stirling SHS, we believe the right pathway is the key to a successful career beyond high school.


Our new Pathways and Transitions Coordinator, Ms Naomi Bunch has extensive experience in the career space and is a passionate advocate of personalised success. Situated in the CAVE office, Ms Bunch welcomes new inquiries from both students and parents who are seeking alternative pathways or who are not yet sure which path best suits them.


We believe every student has individual needs and skill sets, and this is where Ms Bunch can assist with advice and guidance. There are lots of resources for alternative entry to uni, alternative pathways to apprenticeships, traineeships, and RTOs, as well as work placements (which assist with grades). At Governor Stirling SHS, we would like to build a new culture of individually tailoring the needs of our senior students so that they are set for success.


Leading students to their future goals in a way that best suits them is our key focus.


Parents are welcome to join.


To make an appointment to start a pathway conversation, click below.

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