Vocational Education and Training

Governor Stirling Senior High School

Vocational Education and Training (VET)

Vocational Education and Training (VET) opportunities are available to Year 11 & 12 students and provide access to further education and training pathways and nationally recognised qualifications.


Completion of certificates contributes toward attainment of the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE). Students are provided with information about the courses available when selecting their Year 11 and 12 subjects.


Certificates offered at Governor Stirling SHS include:

  • Certificate in Information, Digital Media & Technology
  • Certificate II in Automotive
  • Certificate II in Sport and Recreation (Netball and Football focused)
  • Certificate II in Tourism
  • Certificate II in Kitchen Operations
  • Certificate II Creative Industries
  • Certificate II & III Business


The school’s links to a range Registered Training Organisations (TAFE and private) give students the opportunity to complete a range of off-site certificate courses.

Traineeships and Apprenticeships

School-Based Traineeships (SBT’s) and School-Based Apprenticeships (SBA’s) are available through a range of organisations, including the Public Service, Fast Food organisations (eg McDoanlds, Hungry Jacks, KFC) and many others.  Entry is highly competitive and requires a separate application and interview process. Successful students will gain a VET qualification and will receive a training wage whilst completing their traineeship or apprenticeship. Students can begin a traineeship during year 10. Traineeship durations vary from qualification to qualifications but is expected to be 18 months minimum.

For further information, contact the school’s Pathways and Transitions Coordinator, Naomi Bunch, at (08) 6274 0368 or email Naomi Bunch.


Careers and Transitions Center

This Centre at the Governor Stirling SHS includes the following areas:

  • Career education and advice
  • Try a Trade
  • Work Place Learning
  • Traineeships and VETis
  • VET Coordination


Career Education and Advice

Career education at Governor Stirling is an integral part of learning from Junior through the Middle and Senior Schools. The introduction of Career competencies in the curriculum is minor in early secondary schooling years, however, career education becomes emphasised as students develop and consider career prospects as they approach their final years at school. In Years Ten, Eleven and Twelve the emphasis on subject/course selection and post school options becomes more evident. Students are provided with a vast array of resources assisting students to explore and prepare for the world beyond school. In addition, one on one career advice is available to Students and Parents/Guardians are indeed welcome to meet with the Career and Transitions advisor to discuss any aspect of the school programme provided by the Governor Stirling and/or post school options.


Try a Trade

Try a Trade is offered at no cost to students because it is fully funded and supported by Construction Training Fund.

Deciding what to do after school can be a difficult decision and some students aren’t aware of all the options available to them.  Try A Trade event provides Year 9 & 10 students with an opportunity to ‘have a go’ at various skill and trade occupations.

The activities are entertaining, informative and offer interested students access to some of the basic skills involved in the trades

The Try a Trade event seeks to:

  • Motivate students and others through a fun, hands-on experience.
  • Share current and honest information about future career choices.
  • Encourage participants to appreciate that skill education and training offer real choices for the future.
  • Allow students to meet and talk with trade professionals, apprentices, VET teachers / trainers / lecturers and local industry people. The event is held over three days and participants must attend all sessions, as the idea is to try each trade.  All sessions are free. Eye and ear protection is provided, however students must wear closed in shoes (steel cap boots if possible), long pants and a long sleeve shirt.  

“Our school aims to provide students with a well-balanced education within a supportive learning environment designed to unlock their individual potential.”

– Dr Pasco Putrino, Principal

Traineeships and Vet in schools opportunities

Depending on State Training Providers (TAFE) and Department of Education and Training offerings, students are able to consider choosing to enrol in selected VETis (Vocational Education and Training in Schools) courses. Aboriginal School Based Trainees and School Traineeships are offered according to selection criteria and conditions. Selecting one of these programmes may add to a student’s certification upon graduation. It is recommended that if students wish to undertake this additional training it is discussed with the VET Co-ordinator. This is to ensure that all the requirements are fully understood. We welcome Students and Parents/Guardians to contact us for more information on these special opportunities.


VET Coordination

As part of the VET programme, students have the choice of the following learning programmes: Business, Creative Industries, Sport and Recreation/Outdoor Recreation, Kitchen Operations, Creative Industries and Information Technology. These programmes national certification and study in these areas is included in the regular timetable. Classes are conducted by Teachers with work place qualifications.


Staff in the Careers and Transitions Centre

Careers and Vocational Education Co-ordinator, Mrs Karen Clark

Workplace Learning Coordinator – Mrs Debbie Bennett

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