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Parents and Citizens


The Parents and Citizens Association is comprised of parents, teachers, and other interested citizens who have a common interest in promoting the education of our children. It helps to bring about communication and cooperation between students, teachers, and parents and works to foster community interest in school matters.

It also acts as another channel of communication for parents, fundraises for equipment for the school, improves school facilities, and organizes social activities that provide an opportunity for parents and teachers.

We welcome more parents to join us at the P&C, especially those of our new Year 7 and 8 students!

Meet the Committee

The GSSHS P&C Executive Committee is currently comprised of 11 members, who all volunteer their time and skills to making the school a better and more enjoyable place for our children to learn and make friends.

Meet our office-bearers:

President: Chris Morris

“I’m passionate about life and making a difference where possible, I see a good education as a foundation of all elements of life and that is why I support this school where I can”.

Vice President: Nicolette Punaivaha

“I have a great love for learning new things, having a go, and I believe with self-belief and hard work you can achieve whatever you want”.

Treasurer: Andrew Rodgers

“I’m passionate about my family, my community, my work in sustainability and my outdoor pursuits”.

Secretary: Alex Ellis

“I have three passions in life – community, sustainability and netball!”

Projects Funded by the P&C

• $12,460 – 2 Refrigerated drinking fountains – near oval, and basketball courts (2023)

• $5,250 – 2 Outdoor table tennis tables with equipment for students to use (2023)

• $396 – Funded a Food Safety Supervisor Training Course for Canteen Manager (2023)

• $1,558 – Trophies and incidentals for GSSHS Speech and Drama Festival (2023)

• $695 – Year 12 Graduate programme flyers & graduation certificates (2023)

• $600 – GSSHS Year 12 Graduation Student Awards: VET Dux, Academic Dux, and P&C Award (2023)

• $508 – Sporting equipment for students for recess/lunch (2022)

• $600 – GSSHS Year 12 Graduation Student Awards: VET Dux, Academic Dux, and P&C Award (2022)

• $500 – Purchase of Wheelie bins for Containers for Change (2022)

• 2 x $500 awards for Yr 12 Dux students, and P&C Award itself (2021)

• Cameras in Café (2019)

• $5,000 – School bench seats and picnic tables in the quad area (2019)

• $1,600 – Bike racks, scooter anchors, and skateboard racks (2018

• $1,000 – Drama and Speech trophies (2018)

• Café mirrors (2018)

• $10,000 – Shade Sails Project in Quad Area (2017)

• $10,000 – Bike Compound facility (2017)

• $2,400 contribution to GSSHS Italian Language Project (2017)

• $1,560 – 6-month Canteen subsidy to GSSHS Breakfast Club (2017)


Staff, students and parents are welcome to submit proposals for funding through the P&C to assist an authorised school initiative.

The guidelines are attached below; please review them for submission requirements. You can download a form to request P&C funding here. Forms must be handed in through the Front Office.

Previous Meeting Minutes

Come and Join Us!

Want to become a P&C Committee Member?

To join, simply fill out this P&C Membership Form and email it back to us at: GSSHS.PandC@gmail.com, or bring it to the next meeting. You also need to pay $1 to vote on meeting motions, which you can pay at the meeting, or via bank transfer to the GSSHS P&C: BSB 036-033; Account No: 298944


Any queries or concerns, please email us at: GSSHS.PandC@gmail.com

“Our school aims to provide students with a well-balanced education within a supportive learning environment designed to unlock their individual potential.”

– Dr Pasco Putrino, Principal

Meeting Dates for 2024


Term 1 Monday 25 March (Week 9)

Term 2 Monday 20 May (Week 5) and Monday 24 June (Week 9)

Term 3 Monday 26 August (Week 7)

Term 4 Monday 28 October (Week 4) and Monday 25 November (Week 8)

P&C meetings are held in the school admin conference room at 6:30 pm (following the school board meeting).

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