Workplace Learning

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Workplace Learning

Work Place Learning is a School Curriculum and Standards Authority Endorsed Course that all Year 11 and 12 students have the opportunity to participate in and contributes to the students Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE). Each student has the opportunity to try four  different workplaces over their senior years  and to gain experience in a supportive environment. It is “on the job” training that prepares the student for the workforce. Students are expected to perform hands on tasks in the workplace that are related to the competencies they are learning in their VET course. Students participate in WPL for a 2 week block. Days spent in the workplace are considered normal school days. If a student is sick or unable to attend for any reason the student must notify the employer and the school. In this situation students will need to supply a medical certificate or, if in extenuating circumstances, parent/guardian will provide a letter for the purpose. Students complete a log book detailing the competencies/tasks they learn and the hours they work. This must be kept up- to-date and handed in to the WPL Supervisor each after each placement for marking. The WPL Supervisor or another staff will visit the workplace at least once during each placement and will also keep in regular contact with the student and employer by phone.

How does a student apply for Work Place Learning?

Students wishing to go into WPL must complete an application form and be available for an interview by appointment, with a member of the WPL Team or external panel. Through this process students will identify areas of interest; we recommend that they explore a range of different work places to get as much exposure to different career paths as possible. Students will attend a Workplace induction, addressing WHS training, requirements and procedures for WPL and the endorsed program.  Students in Year Eleven may arrange their own work placement or the school will do it for them. Students in Year Twelve are expected to assist to find their own work place and submit it to the WPL Supervisor for approval. The WPL Supervisor will notify the student once a placement has been arranged for them.

What forms do I sign?

The students will be given a WPL Application form which they and their parent or guardian must sign and return to the school before placement can commence. Parents will be provided with a document outlining the requirements of the WPL Program and will be asked to sign that they have read the conditions of this program.

How can I help my child prepare for the placement?

  • Ensure your child contacts the employer prior to the placement. The purpose of this call is to discuss start and finish times, work location, dress requirements etc.
  • Ensure your child has appropriate clothes to wear.
  • Ensure they know where the placement is and how to get there prior to the first work day.

Register your interest in becoming a host employer

If you would like to register your interest in becoming a host employer, please provide us with your business name, type of business, contact name and contact number. Please click here to start the registration process.

Staff in the VET/WPL Team

Pathways and Transitions Coordinator: Ms Naomi Bunch

Workplace Learning Coordinator: Mrs Debbie Bennett

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