Approved Specialist Programs Enrolment

Governor Stirling Senior High School

Entry Requirements

Stage 1 requirements

Entry into an Approved Specialist Program is through a selection process. Students apply directly to the school (link below).


All applicants complete an academic test (Artsmedia and Engineering) or physical tryout (AFL) for Stage 1.


Successful applicants will go onto Stage 2 testing. All applicants will be advised via email. Dates of stages are viewable on the links below.


Stage 2 requirements

Artsmedia – submission of folio and 10-minute face-to-face interview with the Artsmedia Coordinator.

Engineering – 10-minute face-to-face interview with Engineering Coordinator.

AFL – 10-minute face-to-face interview may be required with AFL Coordinator.


Students apply the previous year for entry in the following year (Year 6 for entry in Year 7).


Year 5 students may also register their interest to receive information about future places by contacting the school on (08) 6274 0300.


When applying online, please include;

  • a written reference from your school (AFL applicants need two references, one from the school and one from their Footy club).
  • a copy of your most recent (2) school reports and NAPLAN reports.
  • any other recent certificates or awards.

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