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A parent or legal guardian applying to enrol a child at Governor Stirling SHS should complete the below online form. Only permanent residents of Australia and those children holding an approved visa sub class number are eligible to be enrolled in government schools.


This is an Application for Enrolment only – submitting this form to the school does not mean that the enrolment has been accepted by the school. The principal will firstly need to determine if there is classroom accommodation and an appropriate educational program available at the school for your child. In determining whether there is an appropriate educational program for your child at the school, the principal will need to fully consider the information provided in Section 3 on the application form. Proof of your usual place of residence should be attached to this application form.

It is a requirement of the Education Department that any information on suspensions and exclusions must be provided to the school at the time of applying to enrol a child. This information will help the school to provide your child with the appropriate support, if required. Children currently under suspension from a government school cannot be enrolled at another government school until the suspension period is over. Children who have previously been suspended or excluded from a government school may be required to enter into a behaviour agreement with the school if enrolment is accepted.


You will be notified by the school Principal if your application has or has not been accepted at the earliest possible opportunity. In the majority of cases, parents/guardians will be advised within 48 hours.


On submission of your application, various supporting paperwork is required such as your child’s birth certificate, immunisation records, school reports, and any Family Court orders or parenting plans registered with the Family Court, just to name a few. Applications are only processed once the school has all the information required at the time of enrolment.



If you are applying to attend a school other than your local school, transport will be your responsibility. All enquiries regarding school bus services should be directed to the Department of Transport.



Should you disagree with the school’s decision regarding your application for enrolment you can appeal to the District Education Office in the district in which the school is located. Appeal forms are available from either the school or the district office.


If after discussion with the principal and the district placement committee you do not agree with a decision about placement of a student with an intellectual disability, you may request a review of the decision. You should put your request in writing to the Director-General, through the relevant District Director. A Disabilities Advisory Panel will be convened by the Executive Director, Education Programs to review the decision. An opportunity will be provided by the panel for you to present your case.


The District Director will be able to provide you with detailed information about the panel.



All information provided on this form will be treated confidentially. The Education Department’s Information Privacy and Security Policy and Section 242 of the School Education Act 1999 preclude this information from being used for any purpose other than:


  • to determine whether your application for enrolment can be accepted;
  • to assist the school with addressing any needs for your child if enrolment is accepted; or
  • to comply with legal requirements or ministerial directions.

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